Hello, world!

Oct 10, 2018 18:10

We built Contexted from a set of fundamental believes. These believes are the core of everything Contexted does and should do.

  • Longevity: we believe in write once, store a lifetime. Putting your thoughts into writing takes. The value lies in being able to retrieve your notes later. Al your notes are stored in the easy exportable Markdown format.
  • Exportability: your notes are yours to keep. We value to ability to take your data as you pleases, and say no to vendor locks.
  • Usability over features bloat: Contexted should do two things very well: writing notes and retrieving notes. In building the app we focused on providing just that: an elegant writing experience that gets out your way, enabling you do to your best work.
  • Frequent user-suggested improvements: we believe that our users knowns best. Contexted gets weekly improvements based on user feedback. We love getting your feedback. 😊
  • Privacy first: the only one who should access your notes is you. We never use or analyze (usage)data of our users, for whatever reason whatsoever.
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